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I placed a trial order with this company, the same time I placed an order with two other sites. The order coming from across country arrived before I even received a response to my email from Dreamland!! It took 7 days before I even received an email from them in response to my request for status on the order. And the email I received was to inform me that one of the items on my order was out of stock!!! The order finally arrived 7 days later. 14 days to receive my order. By the way, I am in a NEIGHBORING STATE. Yes, you heard right. Calling them on phone was a nightmare. It took forever to get a live person, and each person I spoke to sounded like they were reading a script and none could tell me whether my order had left, or what the status was. They claimed that it takes 2-5 days for shipping. And supposedly that meant 2-5 days BEFORE goods are prepared for shipping. BS!

To add insult to injury, I used a promo code for free shipping and still got charged for shipping! I kept emailing them to clarify and was just given excuses about the order with the missing item was too small to qualify for the promo code when there was NO STIPULATION about order size when I received the promo code.


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